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Shelf space in Sydney

We work with brick and mortar shops in the high street to place your products in spaces with high retail foot traffic. Whether you’re an established maker of products or a scaling startup, find a shelf space that’s right for you.

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Market Stalls

Flexible on demand shelf space available for your products at the most popular markets in Sydney (Glebe, Kirribilli, Bondi, Rocks, Alexandria)


Display your products for long-medium durations in prominent shelf spaces at cafes with a high retail fooprint of a diverse customer base across Sydney.

Specific Business

Your products gain exposure to a niche customer base with our shelves placed in hotspots at key locations (medical centres, yoga studios, gyms, restaurants, playschools, offices).

Connecting Makers With Markets

Earn income from hosting our shelf spaces – please get in touch with us. Our shelves come in many different sizes and can be optimised for the spare space you have. You earn an extra stream of income -with no extra cost and minimal extra efforts, while supporting small businesses such as yourself. Win-win.

Grow the market for your products through a low cost entry minimal effort entry to the high street – to target both specific and high density retail foot traffic.

Perks for the online maker


Inventory management

On demand shelf space

Flexible scheduling


Perks for the retail shop owner


Space optimisation

Shelf transportation


Payment handling

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